New Old

Alma Söderberg (2023)

In the new old solo New Old I will develop a solo performance of around 50 mins length where I sit on a chair and think through rhythm, voice and movement. The practice is that of listening to sounds synthesizing; forming words with the help of hand and body gestures, creating thoughts, evolving into sounds again, becoming music, becoming dance, becoming thought that once again becomes dance. There is, for once, a theme in the work which is not formal, as it has mostly been in my previous works. I would say it is rather personal, on the verge, if not already way over the edge, private. I am finding myself thinking about an aging post-natal body and more specifically the pelvic floor. This thinking moves in and out of internal and external spaces, shoots through the roof with vectors of high hissing sounds and lands in melodic phrases that float above the heads of the audience. In the performance there will be a degree of the improvised, hoping to leave space for new thoughts to appear on the meeting between myself and each specific audience.

29.6 2024 Ställbergs Gruva, Kopparberg (SE)
5.4 2024 Galleri Celsius, Malmö (SE)
8.2 2024&9.12 -0001 Skogen, Gothenburg (SE)
19–20.1 2024 Tanzquartier, Vienna (AT)
14.11 2023 Stadshalllen AmFi, Lund (SE)
19–21.10 2023 Skogen, Göteborg (SE)
3.11 2023 Hangar, Barcelona (ES)
30.9 2023 Norrlandsoperan, Umeå (SE)
7.10 2023 Inkonst, Malmö (SE)
6.7 2023 Hangar, Barcelona (ES)
5.2 2023 Södra Sverige Dans, Hässleholm (SE)
10&11.6 2023 MDT, Stockholm (SE)
18.6 2022 MDT, Stockholm (SE)
4.6 2022 La Casa Encendida, Madrid (ES)