Half as much again

Alma Söderberg & Hendrik Willekens (2022)

Alma Söderberg & Hendrik Willekens – Half As Much Again

Half As Much Again is a continuation of musical explorations by Alma Söderberg and Hendrik Willekens (a.k.a. Dehendrik Lechat Willekens). The title is a linguistic construction which captures a specific polyrhythm; in this case it reflects a relation of (to speak in whole numbers) two against three. The application of polyrhythmic thinking and doing has occupied A+H for several years in several zz_projects and collaborations.

Our gratitude goes out to the people of Inter Arts Cente, Inkonst and Skogen who trusted us with their space and time.

This project has received funding from Konstnärsnämnden.

4–5.11 2022 Skogen, Göteborg (SE)
1–2.12 2022 Inkonst, Malmö (SE)